Jeff Lindquist is a microfilm expert with over 40 years of experience in the greater Portland area, who uses his talents to bring Buddhist sutras and mantras to microfilm, so that they can be used in prayer wheels, statues, stupas, and other Buddhist artwork all over the world.

Medicine Buddha Mantra Example

As an example, on one 2000 ft roll of microfilm, the above image of Medicine Buddha mantras is reproduced 64,000 times. Thus, on a single roll there are 34 million Medicine Buddha mantras.


These mantras and sacred texts can be read perfectly with a microscope. Here is an example of how these mantras appear to the human eye. Courtesy of

Micro Film Rolling Prayer Wheel Shop

The microfilm is carefully wound to spin and send out blessings through the world as prayer wheels are turned. Courtesy of

Masterworks of the Prayer Wheel Shop